For Marketers

Instantly have access to new audiences

The moment you create a new campaign, you will instantly have access to all the pageviews the influencer has. You don't need to rely on your traffic anymore to train your pixel.

Improve your ROI

By creating campaigns with key influencers, your return-of-investment will increase considerably by targeting very focused audiences. And the best part you don't even need to reach out to them we already done that.

No traffic no problem

If you're just starting and you don't have enough traffic for your ad campaign you can immediately reach millions of people by leveraging other influencers audiences.

For Influencers

Infinite scalability

Campaigns are not exclusive, you can have multiple campaigns active at the same time. That means you can monetize the same page view multiple times for extra income.

A new source of revenue

PartnerPixel enables you to activate a new source of income by monetizing your page views in a new non-exclusive manner. You can multiply your income without changing anything in our content.

No maintanence

After adding our javascript snippet to your website or creating a short URL for your links you don't need to do anything else to get more income. We will do the legwork and connect your audience to new marketers.

How it works

1. The javascript widget

The influencers installs our custom PartnerPixel pixel into their website.

2. The marketer pixel

The marketer provides the Facebook pixels they want to use for their campaigns.

3. The campaigns

The marketers choose a few influencers from our influencer pool and create campaigns.